Upload for sale on Rinhngay

Regulations for sale on Rinhngay 
 1 / Category  
- The uploader must select the correct category for the product. 
- In case can not find the suitable product category, please notify the administrator of Rinhngay to supplement or for further instructions. 
- Products place in improperly category will be adjusted or denied by Rinhngay’s administrator.

2/ Topic:
 • 1 post can include 1 unique product or a list maximum of 24 products in same category 
• Topic of the post must be clear, understandable and should not overlap with other topic to improve search on Rinhngay and other search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing ...) 
• Specify products for sale in the post. 
• It is recommended to name the product first followed by the shop name to help the user easily finding the product or shop based on the topic. 
• It should be written in lowercase, uppercase only for the first letters in title (except for special cases such as the iPhone, iPad ...) 
• Must write in Vietnamese. 
• No specify contact phone number. 
• Price does not contain any form in USD ($) 
• Does not contain any website addresses

Note: Topic is the most important element as used as index for the information search. Therefore, the more concise, unique, trendy topic, the more easily be searched by potential customers.
3/ Description of the post 
• Description of product shall be detailed in the post (minimum 2 lines)
• If the post is for 1 product only, this is the description of that product 
• If the post is for a list of product, the description shall show general features for this group. 
4/ Price
 • Price must be in standard range, users should quote the standard price rather than unrealistic. 
• Price must conform to the true value of the product.
5/ Product images and general description: 

a. For sale of 1 product in 1 post:
- Post only one product in category selected. 
- Image must be the illustration for product posted. 
- Detailed product description: 
You are allowed to post only images illustrated for the products to sell. Images may have different color, or shoot at different angles. 
Not allow using images of other products although in the same category. 
Not allow posting the images or information that not related to the product such as introduction of the shop, shop logo, contact information or payment information ... (this information will be placed in "Shop information").

b. For sale of list of product in 1 post: 
- Image must be the illustration for product posted.
- Allow posting maximum of 24 different products (but in the same category) in a post. 
- Allow adding images for 24 products posted in the "detailed description of the product" but not exceed 40 images for 1 post. 
- Detailed description of the product: 
•    All products and images in a post must be posted along with the category. (For example: T-shirt category will have T-shirt only, no blouse or shirt ...) 
•    Note: In Female category there is no male model and vice versa. If there are commodities for couple, there may be and posted to couple category.
•    Not allow posting the images or information that not related to the product such as introduction of the shop, shop logo, contact information or payment information ... (this information will be placed in "Shop information")
c. For sale posting from the library: 
- Select only products for sale and enter promotional price or price and related information. 
- All the detailed features of the product have been input before and fixed by Rinhngay. 
- There is no detailed description of product when posting from library

6/ General provisions
 - Posting products to sell only, not those wish to buy (as this is the area for the seller). 
- Pursuant to the Circular 43/2003/TT-BVHTT, it is allowed to advertise wines with alcohol content below 15° only. 
- Do not sell the following items: 
•     Cosmetics directly affect skin without labels. 
•     Prohibited items. 
•     Tape, CD, books, articles with depraved nature. 
•     The wild and rare plants, animals and plants naturally. 
•     Drugs and other addictive substances. 
•     Weapons, explosives, toxic chemicals.
•     National secret documents, dedicated encryption and protection software programs within the state secret protection. 
• Human or parts of human body. 
• Email and personal information list. 
• Illegal or unlock products / software. 
• The commodity with nature of racism or ethnic or offend a certain country. 
• The illegal products that theft. 
• The product violates trademark infringement, copyright. 
• Public area/geographies. 
Note: This list will be updated when there are changes in law of Vietnam or claim of the community.
7/ Regulations on “Payment Information” 
- Do not link to other commercial website… only link to shop’s private website.
- The linked web shall be open in a new tab when activating by user. 
- Relevant information such as: shop advertisement, regulations on payment, guarantees… shall be shown in “Payment information”.