RinhTT: is the abbreviation of “RinhCharity”.

     We build up a charity fund from items that members will no longer use and may bin it. Since in mountainous areas or in the poor village, people are still struggling with many difficulties, those things shall be valuable assets to help people improving their lives.

     As mentioned in RinhExchange “A simple image shows that if 1 Vietnamese gives away a thing valued VND 10,000, with the population of 88 million people, Vietnam may loses 880billion VND/day and the figure show up for 360 days is enormous" that would help lots of people to overcome difficulties, backwardness and poverty. The overall development of society will make the country stronger and stronger.

      RinhTD Fund will gather all those things and build a charity fund associated with the members through the charity organizations to bring the product to those who are in need of help 
"Give away a very small thing, to help others lives better"