Regulations on posting comments

Using comments: Comment is formed by the members' opinions, however we do not warrant the accuracy, the integrity, usefulness … of information posted in the comments. Members are responsible for their own judgment when using information in comments.
We are not responsible for any damages arising from any information posted on Rinhngay’s comments, or disputes arise between members. 
Delete comments: Comments information is an information system created by articles/comments on products and services on the market posted by members, however to create a useful information system for users, we may delete information having the following characteristic:
   • Writing in same repeating 
   • Not relevant to products/service 
   • Harmful program coding
   • Interfering rights or privacy of others 
   • Hurting others 
   • Relating to crime 
   • Violating ethics, habits and customs of Vietnam and other countries 
   • Relating to dangerous events 
   • Fraudulent, individual commercial benefit, advertising nature 
   • Affecting the business of Rinhngay 
   • Other information that our company considers as unsuitable when upload to Rinhngay