Cooperation policy

Cooperation policy
Rinhngay is an open system for Vietnam, we always want to improve and develop new features to provide an environment that associates trusted users, trusted seller, and trusted buyer; In order to promote the commercial market in Vietnam with the motto of Vietnamese using products "made in Vietnam".

We would like to link the ideas to develop better products, to help experienced programmers to better handling system. We believe that the cooperation will promote creating a business community connecting portal and shopping experience exchange. This is a product of Vietnamese. We would be pleased to welcome investors in Vietnam to complete products the best.

For cooperation, investment and experience sharing, please contact:

RinhNgay Business community connection portal, shopping experience exchanging
Address: No. 65 - Den Lu II - Hoang Mai, Hanoi - Hanoi City.
Hotline: (+084)918 222 876, Mobile: 043 628 5101
Email: [email protected]
Thank you!