Guidance on uploading products

Guidance on uploading products on RinhTT-RinhTĐ-Rinhdeal
Step 1 logging in the personal account

Click on “product” marked red as in picture 1 
Step 2 Logging in product management 

This site is for user to manage products, including favorite products, new products, products received by numbers of "comment". The following is statistic of sold, bought, favorite, exchanged or dealing products.

Step 3: Posting

Involves the following steps: 
1. Fill in product name: Product name must be clear, concise 
2. Price: selling price is in VND, members should quote a reasonable price to sell more 
If it is normal product, no need to process step 3, 4.5 
3. Posting promotional products: members enter the promotional price on promotion array.
4. Product for exchange: members must fill in the equalized percentage to new product in the box "new products." 
5. Product for deal: member posting a product to deal page have to fill in the "number" which defined the user registered to buy product receiving deal price, the open and close day, the deal price is the selling price with the “number” of deal chosen before.

6. Choose images for product (product image file is jpg, png ..., smaller than 2Mbits). 
7. Image: add more images: click "+" to add and click "-" to remove. 
8. Product Features: is developing hence please ignore this. 
9. Short description and product description. 
10,12 select a category and location of sale. 
13. Add supplier at your disposal 
15. Select supplier 
14. Add brand at your disposal 
16. Add brand